Send a WhatsApp Message 

Send a WhatsApp from this websiteSend someone a WhatsApp message from your desktop!

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Integrate in your own website

Integrate WhatsApp in your websiteIntegrate our WhatsApp gateway in your own website.

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Use our Appliction Interface 

Use our WhatsApp APIUse our Application Programming Interface to connect your application with our WhatsApp gateway.

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WebWazzup, the web gateway to WhatsApp, Telegram and more

WebWazzup.com offers several solutions to integrate WhatsApp services with your website. Solutions range from sending a WhatsApp message from our website and extend all the way to a complete package that you can install on your own website and most things in between like an advanced API that makes us handle the difficult parts and makes it very easy to integrate.

Please note that WhatsApp uses a proprietary protocol. When the people from WhatsApp decide to change things, we try to keep up with them as soon as possible. However we can never be responsable for the actions of WhatsApp and as such we do not offer any SLA. If you prefere a SLA, you might want to try one of the many SMS Gateways out there.

We will soon add other messenger services like Telegram and others. Check back soon for updates.

We hope you enjoy our services